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What do I need to do to get my photo, film, tape or slide memories ready?

Think about the story you want to tell; your memories are invaluable to you and your family and we have tranferred and preserved hundreds of orders for wonderful family memories.

1. Sort your memories by category--most clients sort the photos/slides, films or tapes in chronological order. Write the order number on the box, case or tape. For photos, lightly write (in pencil or non-smudge ink) the order number on the back of the photos and place them in the correct order.

2. Remove all photos from frames or albums and sort and mark as directed in #1 above.

3. We accept photo CDs and digital photo medium (jump/thumb drives). Please provide a list of specific picture numbers and the order you want them to appear.

4. Provide a list of desired titles or captions for any video transfer (i.e., "Grandpa Bob's 85th Birthday"; "Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad", etc.

5. VHS and camcorder tapes can be combined on one DVD up to two (2) hours of video.

Call us with questions: 847-697-5678

How long will the production process take?

1. The average order is completed wtihin 7 to 10 days. Please contact us in advance of your scheduled event or deadline to ensure all questions can be addressed and drop-off/intake and final product completed in time for your event or gift presentation.

2. You may mail/ship your order to us. We have created video products for customers handling the whole process via phone and mail. Additional time will be required for Priority U.S. Postal Service mail or courier delivery of photos and the finished product.

3. We will professionally decorate the disc and case incorporating images from the films and tapes to further enhance the value of this special gift/memory.

Again, call us with questions and to schedule an appoitment for drop off of your memories. All orders are processed in our Hoffman Estates location--we do not send anything out nor use any third-party processors.

Call us with questions: 847-697-5678

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